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The Butterfly  ... 

The ancient Greek word for "butterfly" is ψυχή,  
which primarily means "soul" or "mind".  
Psychy is a former mortal woman and goddess of the soul in Greek mythology.  
A princess of outstanding beauty who aroused Venus' jealousy and Cupid's love.  

She became the wife of Eros and the mother of Hedone (Ηδονή).  
She is always pictured with butterfly wings. 

…  and the Eagle 

Eagles have one characteristic.  
Birds of prey look back over their shoulders before or after striking prey;  
predation is after all a two-edged sword.  
All hawks seem to have this habit.  
Not the Eagle. 


But then again "Everything affects …. everything”

... the Butterfly effect 

Butterfly I am dancing on my own 
High in the sky alone I roam 
Colored flowers lost their crown 
Hold on and give me one more chance 
Wild night in a cold winter’s romance 
Hold my hand and let my heart sing 
Become my immortal princess 
Hidden roses on a butterfly wing  
Be my world not my judge 
It was you who made the beggar, king 

Butterfly, flap your wing in my heart of pain 
In my troubled mind you will make it rain 
I know it is time you fear 
The fog so close, demons are near 
The eagle is living on borrowed time 

Butterfly in the fog  
Time is on your side, fate an endless talk 
The Eagle lost high inside this cloud 
Running against this aimless crowd 
The eagle has fallen 
let the heroes cry, Tears in their pride 
The eagle has fallen  
Into his lonely scream, Butterfly in his dream 

Searching for truth to dare 
The horizon is verified, no lies where there 
Transparent your colors come spring 
Hold my hand and let the dance begin 
Tired dreams under the butterfly wing 

The Eagle has no time to spare 
The Butterflies beauty beyond compare 
Sweet summer rain on her auburn hair 
You are the mother of pleasure  
Your heart hides unsolved treasure 

Angel will always claim “my Schmeterling” 
In cold times she will warm your wing 
Fearless give pleasure and move their soul 
tranquility arises from this, whispers in my soul 
Words come out wrong, so I have to say it in a song 

The butterfly searches for beauty 
Predators on the flower, a daily duty 
Your journey still short 
Fly eagle fly, fly there comes the lord
Fly up you never be wiser just older 
The eagle never looks back, life just got colder 
Let me rest here at your side, spread my wings wide 
seize the day, the eagle has fallen prey 

Eagle you will never taste that nectar 
Far have you travelled, fly eagle fly 
close your eyes in the sky, Fly eagle fly