© 2020 PC SoS.
Designed by Paul.

I live On the ancient souls endless highway
Where I saw the home of my imprisoned dreams rising
Mount Olympus like a broken shrine on the horizon
Hades sits defeated compromising to the tainted player
Man of peace has lost his faith to the infinite prayer
I saw demons and angels, my brothers soul carelessly trading
his burning heart loosing faith, sweet innocent love fading

Lady of pleasure he worshiped, an angel in disguise
A humble broken saint in a foggy endless sunrise
They told him her halo was wounded, love on knees
but this broken angel gave him comfort and peace
this reckless heart aimed heaven and redemption
they could not see the darkness in the eyes of my brother
they danced to a world of tears and a broken mother

Lonely he walked among princes who would not see
when vision trading disguised demons welcomed thee
haunted by brotherhood lives that where lost in vein
lies their veil could not hide, in golden prisons they took pride
when revenge was his aim, liberty and peace in his name
He was lost between the rain the fire and right or wrong.
Tormented by nightmares, hatred, no love to make you strong

He had no heart to run to and no heart to run from
freedom was his legacy, the tree in the road supremacy
his final plea in the dawn on the break of eternity
in his last breath he played with that reckless smile
they surrendered his youth to a broken trial
why in this defeat did they dance on his pain
that bonfire in your soul they could not tame

I stood at the edge of sea shore to sunrise
but darkness would not break to the morning light
behind the clouds the moonlight still dreaming
I heard my heart calling your name, man of peace
beneath the shroud of the dancing sea, curtain of trees
I cast my sight on the horizon, a veil hiding blame
I am looking out every night, someday we meet again

If I am the dreamer you are the dream
If I am the river you are the stream
If I am the fire you are the flame
If I am the brother you are the name
If I am the heart you are the beat
If I am the way you are the street
If I am the lyrics you are the meaning
If I am the song you are the melody
If I am the drug you are the ecstasy
If I am the night sky you are the star
If I am the wound you are the scar