© 2020 PC SoS.
Designed by Paul.

It will not last forever but this empty time is special
The Worlds future, a torture, is it in my kiss? Your touch I miss
I will not come closer, the end of this black and white dream, I bliss

Lonely butterfly, will you remember the color of my eye

In fears we find colors we have never seen, all strange places I’ve been
I am a riddle wrapped in fire, your empty look a burning desire, unseen
Our days became cheap, memories and dreams torn up in heat
We all be judged by the goodness in our heart, torn apart

Nothing is closer than the vision of you, your hurting smile so blue
In this burning nights I seek forgiveness, our kiss unfinished business
I don’t mind this empty blue, as long as in this dream I am with you
Paying for my sins, burned out memories, I miss the kiss, missing you

A dream that will not start, fighting with the ghost that stole my heart
We will remain strangers in love, from this wounded dream I part
Trapped in your own words, the obvious unknown, a love ‘a la carte’
Honesty behind bars we wasted tears, waiting for unaware volunteers