© 2020 PC SoS.
Designed by Paul.

Sometimes I am flying high but fall so low
In a fight I cannot win, but will not bow
Sultan tried to council me on a road of no return
Chasing glory and promises on battlefields that burn
Where demons collect lost and forgotten soul
Once joyful heroes fought side by side, still whole
Yet angels cannot hear them painful desperate call
Sometimes I fly so high but low I fall

Oh Hero do not curse my name or call me a liar
I am chasing runaway dreams, hunting old desire
The wolf hear him growl, full is the moon high the fire
Sultan know I am bleeding, the horizons bird on wire
Living in this death trap we will never find a way out
Breathing fire, my heart filled with defeat, lost I shout
I am trying to be strong, Hero be there, be my light, be my lead
Once a warrior, now chasing butterflies I bleed

I can hear the whole damn battlefield crying
Let me lead, have no greed. Throw the seed
We are all on the run tonight
Walk like heroes avoiding pointless fight
Sultans and Heroes beside me in might
My confession so worthless
Angels with touch of the sun leaving me breathless
In rage I am fighting the dying of my light
Sultans and Heroes where will you sing tonight

Sometimes I need someone, someone like me
Soldiers of fortune that will not sing nor shout, let it be
Sultans and heroes, give me strength when I am falling
Oh brother, feel my hungry heart calling,
Defeated demons and angels will never walk in line
Victorious Sultans do not bow to any shrine
Broken soldiers dreaming of heroes defeating lies
Dancing on broken glasses leaving tears in their eyes

There are no angels in this city
A broken warrior in a lost soul's insanity
Once a King with fire in his sky blue eyes
Now a bleeding soldier chasing the jewel of lies
Running with hope in torn out hope blue denim jeans
warrior is heading nowhere, chasing forgotten dreams
Holding hands with Sultans and heroes
dancing in shadows to darkness and zeros