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Designed by Paul.


Angel came knocking on his window
Angel of darkness, Angel of sadness
Living, loving, growing
Searching for time that has past
Searching for the love that will last


Angel come walking through the door
Angel of laughter angel of faster
Smiling, laughing, loving
Dancing naked in the world of giving
Dancing a life worth living


Angel come share the dream
Angel of dreams Angel of laughter
Dancing, laughing, dreaming
Taking a chance in another dream
Taking the blame but carpe diem


Angel come make love to the sinner
Angel to the looser angel to the winner
Crying, singing, sinning
You know the pain is real
He will look into your eyes to heal


Angel come and find forgotten trust
Angel among sinners, Angel of lust
Kissing, touching, leaving
A 3rd eye kiss into smoke and dust
Vanishing voices, Butterfly and rust