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Designed by Paul.

Dark the night, far in distance, dimmed blurry lights         yellow smoke
Behind closed doors, the sinners sing “Silent night”
Behind locked doors the moonlight singed
No honor, no touch, no smile, out of darkness his shadow lifts
The thief searches for a lifeless house, filled with gifts


Dark the house, silent the night, cautious the step
He is after the golden prize before the morning light
Suddenly an old man asks: Where is my king?
The thief’s dream of a golden year, shuttered
Don’t look away, empty feelings fluttered

A king who could not reign
The poor old dreamer feels the pain
Owned by a whore he had never met
Trying to forget words he may regret
Cheap spoken words “Whatever you burn”
Walking down the path of thorn
Where have they hidden my throne?

Behind the most peaceful smile he heard him say.
Boy, it is the night of the angels, the messenger will stay
Tonight, kings hunt stars, like a lonesome prey
I see nothing but a little boy scarifying his day

Your pockets so empty, your eyes hollow
If it is my gold you are after, this worn out cloth is mine
It is your destiny, in my steps you follow in time
Wear my gold, drink my wine, tears in my eyes, a life so shallow
If it is life you are after, remove mine you cannot take it home
If it is my memories you are after, listen but you’ll carry them alone
If it is my future you are after, see and dream lift the stone

Nothing is forgotten, I cannot forgive
Inside my soul my demons live
Lost inside darkness all lies are just
You sacrificed my world in the name of lust
I lost my way on this dark and endless road

The thief turned to look into an empty chair
No one was gone, no one was there
He looked into the mirror, nothing on the other side
He saw the old man’s path, spiritual desire, no fire no dice
Don’t hurry me through my day I’m not here to stay

The dream lives on in years to come
The sun will speak to the son
Heaven is a place where love has no need
Where mountains are green
Where all waters are clean
Where the children are king
Where warriors united sing
Where the dancing forever lasts
Where the walls have fallen
Oh how fragile the heart
Please remember me
Please remember me
Please remember me
Please remember me
Please remember me
Please remember me
Please remember me