for YB

What if I told you to walk with me
What if you told me stay, let it be
What if we watched the passing birds
What if we would have found the right words


Am I guilty of running to you in the rain? I probably am
Walk beside me over thin ice
Let me show you a glimpse of paradise

Say something don’t let me give up on you
Come out don’t let the pointless distance grow
Don’t let my silent eyes scream
Let me buy you a dream

Maybe I turned off the light too soon
I will send an arrow to the moon
If you ever feeling lonely
I am here singing our tune

Am I guilty of selling a dream to your heart? I probably am
Come and sit beside me and blow the dice
Let me win you a dream in paradise

Let’s play like children in the snow come and join
Don’t sell this dream for a jar of coin
A deep and shallow ocean with nothing in between
Let me buy you a dream

Say something don’t let me give up on you
Don’t be my sadness, don’t become someone I once knew
This is a lonely road without your sun
Stop counting coins there is no escape from what we have become

Am I guilty of showing you the demons in my mind? I probably am
All our dreams like stars in the sky
But all those dreams keep falling dry

Let’s waste no more days and nights
I am looking into an empty sky with no lights
All dreams are failing, look into my eyes
Let’s gamble all our gold to win time that flies

What if you could forgive a dream
What if you could forgive all sins
What if my cold heart became warm
Let me buy you a dream.

What if this hungry heart got cold
What if all our lies unfold
What if you need someone tonight
What if I am at home alone in the dark no light

What if I need you to make this dream come true
What if I am awake and this dream is with you
What if I bought us this dream
But this isn’t a dream if it is without you

© 2020 PC SoS.
Designed by Paul.