© 2020 PC SoS.
Designed by Paul.

I am on the road to nowhere
Yes my history leads the way
Need to cross them snowy mountains
Sharing secrets over a glass of prey
I felt honey like water running down my spine


Please come and stay for a while
Getting by doesn’t mean I am living
You are my horizon across that bleeding ocean
We promised each other a tomorrow
I saw my past bleeding in aimless sorrow

You are my future, my past, my broken crown
I feel the scars of ways life tried to break me down
I try to turn around on this god forsaken road
My life, the air I breathe, a loan
Shine in my life, my heart you roam

My castle has fallen where is my future?
The road disappears on the horizon
My love like smoke in the wind
No insight, just emptiness and an endless good bye
I am not living, I am just getting by

Shine my love shine a rainbow above
Show me all your true colors for better or for worse
All you have to do is touch me
All I want is to breathe your name
Naked I stand in the rain taking the blame

Come and sleep with me tonight
Don’t give up on me, I am not giving up on you
when battle called you was the one who stood up
Let my day bleed into your stars
I know your body is full of scars

You stood up to shine
Oh Love is never a good time
Oh Love is sin over crime
yes Love is wild and restless
yes  Love is truly free
Oh Love is being scared
Oh Love is finding you  (wherever you are)
Love is a crown reduced to nothing
Love is losing everything
Love is being worth of yours

They sold us a nightmare that shone so bright
and we bought it because we thought the price was right
We thought we had the key for every lock
Instead we had the lock for every key
A rainbow endless nowhere above

The road ahead empty
Every star an ache, a burn
But I cannot find a turn
A rainbow endless nowhere above
A rainbow endless nowhere above