© 2020 PC SoS.
Designed by Paul.

Drive on to my shallow roads, the horizon unfold
Stormy dreams paved in blood and gold
Guide me through lost and forgotten years
Wounded whishes paved with smiles and tears


Running on promises and blessings, hallow wishes told
Nightmares paved by thorns, thousands lies never been so cold
Baby, show me your love, follow my need
Desired dreams paved with memories and greed

Sleeping in lost memories, hold my shaking hand
Dreams paved by sometimes, going to a distant land
Here are my demons, lost in night and rain
Numb looks on a trail of tears paved by promises and pain

You came to see me fall, but you could not make me bleed
Your victory paved with your white flag and angry retread
You left to soon, gave no reasons just a memory to lead
Now you dance with demons and angels, on rock’n roll U-turns in a dead end street

I am still fighting your broken rules, I will not cheat
You saw the sinner I am not your salvation
Paved with a touch of paradise and a view to liberation
Free is the wind, free is the music, encaged the celebration

A battlefield paved with too late, early in the mornings
Wounded hopes paved with whispers, betrayed lovers in rock’n roll dreams
Free is the wind, free is the music, encaged are my rock’n roll dreams
Free is the wind, free is the music, encage my rock’n roll dreams

Embrace my pain, devour my unpaved road
The summit within reach, yet I carry this heavy load
I am bleeding, hold my shaking hand, I will not lead
Embrace my pain, unpaved my dead end street

I’m missing you