© 2020 PC SoS.
Designed by Paul.

The road like a dream unfolds
I visit you in a story untold
A search of your light in the twilight zone
Last time I heard your voice on the phone


I searched for you on the other side
Crossroads lead from sacrifice to paradise
You carry pieces of her in your soul
She had the universe under control

There has been a sad cloud above her heart
How was I supposed to say good bye
She whisper a blurry secret with a sigh
So scared by the silence of her skies
I saw dark ice in her eyes
Old man come traveling all our smiles part
Old man come travelling all our hopes depart

Hold my hand I am in the mace
we will see each other in an other race

I feel your sorrow
I never knew her
Leading heart
OOO I feel lost without you